Buddy is getting old :(  - Part 1
So my mate Buddy is starting to show a bit of his age. While that isn't all that interesting really, the story of buddy is. Buddy and his mate Stella haven't actually lived with me long, its only been 6 months actually and the story of how I ended up with them both is a bit of a sad tale for me, but a very happy one for them. In reality the whole story starts about a month before I even met the little guy. At the time I had a fox terrier who was 8 named Buzz and a kelpie Jenny who was 18 months. Buzz was my little sidekick, he was my best mate and my biggest fan, any where I was Buzz the Scuzz was, Jenny was a beautiful and playful pup and she loved Buzz and they spent all their time together. 

 So everything was great and then sadly Jenny started to show some early signs of being food protective all of a sudden, which was odd because I'm a big believer of always have dry dog biscuits available for the guys at all times. So she started to really get a bit aggressive and we ended up on our third or fourth instance of it she really grabbed Buzz and wouldn't let go, and I literally had to lay in the boot for her to let go. So me and my housemate at the time were pretty concerned and we had them both at another workplace they were at and talked about how when they were back home, she might have to get a separate pen or even potentially be given away to a single pet household, because she really had a great temperament by and large.

So two days later we had discussed taking the dogs home as we had the site to lock up and were ready to have them home. I was backing a trailer into the backyard and had to stop because the dogs had started fighting. This time Jen had really given Buzz a real toss around and he wasn't able to walk on one of his back legs. It looked severely dislocated and it was about 4.30pm and we were an hour from a vet, so I rang for an appointment for the morning and dropped him off before work, which was the best I could do for my little mate. He was still in a lot of pain, but anyways during the consult the vet basically came to the same conclusion, that most likely it was a dislocation and they could most likely get it back in and he would be right, worst a bit of surgery if there was a break also.
So I left and started the drive to work, no more than 20mins later my phone rang and I looked at Shane my housemate and said "This cant be good" the Vet naturally didn't have good news. Poor Buzz had 5 separate breaks in his pelvis and in his current condition he's legs weren't actually connected to his spine. Surgery would be $8000 on the low end and he would have an 8 week recovery and trouble for the rest of his life. My poor little mate was in a bad way, I asked if he was still under from the xray and they said yes and that the best course of action was to put him down. My heart was broken, i asked for a few minutes and I sat and had a few minutes to cry, because he was legit my shadow, he'd be sitting on the couch behind me instead of Buddy if he was still alive. I rang back and told them to put him down, they asked if I wanted to do it that arvo and say goodbye, but i knew that he'd have an afternoon of pain just to make myself feel better, so I said no and that I would pick up his body later that day, hung up the phone and bawled. A few minutes later my mate was gone and I was in shock.
But of course it doesn't end there. I'm still stuck in the terrible position that my other dog that absolutely adored was the cause. For me, my animals are things that I talk to, engage with, play with. I'm not the pet owner who locks the dog in the backyard and forgets them. In fact not just 5 minutes ago I was signing some stupid song to a bemused Stella (Stelsy). So I made phone call after phone call seeking advice and universally it came back what I already knew in my heart, and that was that Jenny was now a completely untrustworthy dog, what if next it was one of the kids with a sausage that she wanted?? I couldn't take the risk, so I couldn't take the risk and I rang and booked her in to be put to sleep. I did however talk to shelters first and they refused to take her, because of the dog attack. So i spent my last afternoon with her and took her to the vets,I was crying so much and I couldn't be in the room with her, but Shane did and I was grateful for that. 
We took them both home and buried them in a beautiful place on the block and for the first time in my 34 years I was without a dog in my life. (Literally! not one day in my 34 years had I not had a dog in the household)
Fast Forward a month - Enter Buddy and Stella
 So I didn't plan this getting so long, so ill break it up into 2 parts folks. Sorry for the cliff hanger. Feel free to browse around the store, and ill be back about Buddy before you know it :)
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