Pet Nail Clippers

A must for any Dog or Cat owner in particular, these are also great for use with birds of all sizes also. Keeping you pets claws at a manageable length saves claw damage and is an important part of any animals grooming needs. Especially for indoor based pets. Dogs who live a large amount of their lives inside often no long walk on naturally abrasive surfaces like the would in the wild. THis means that thier claws dont receive the natural dulling and shorting that would normally occur. This can mean that their claws often get too long, and can turn sideways as the animal walks, leading to foot pain and if not managed damage.

For cats scratching posts are an important part of this system, but there are many times that your cat, may need a quick trim to help manage their feet. Cats are often prone to damaging in not completely ripping out claws, with the only preventative management to this being regular servicing.

We here at Fur Festival actually also advocate for regular claw management of most bird species, espcially with parrots and larger birds. However before under taking any trimming of your birds claws make sure to understand exactly how much to remove, as birds desperately need for be able to effectively hold onto perches. For more information visit our link here on How to Groom Your Bird.

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