Our Story

PetBoy’s mission is to bring people from all walks of life together over our shared love of pets and animals generally. PetBoy is not just a store, a website, or a business, but a community. Our community lives on Facebook, Instagram, and in our upcoming email newsletters for pet lovers. The Internet can be a stressful, mean place, and our goal is to create a peaceful, loving place to get away from it all. We do this by sharing cute pictures and videos and providing a place to share stories about and pictures of the creatures who make our lives so wonderful.

We have internalized these values into our business as well, giving 15% of our profits to animal-centered non-profits every month. You can learn more about the various causes we support here.


PetBoy is run out of Iowa by a small but dedicated group. The idea came from our founder and CEO Dallas, a fifth grader, who wanted to start a business and share his love of animals with the world. He took his idea to his dad and brother, who both studied business at the University of Iowa, and they saw a great opportunity to do good and teach Dallas about running a business and making a difference. The family partnered up with our social media manager Elizabeth to complete the team and bring Dallas’ vision into reality.

Our Family

Dallas Drake

Chief Executive Officer

Dallas is Mr. PetBoy himself. He picked up his love of animals and nature from his brother and father, and now frustrates his mother by covering his bedroom door in pictures of cats and cute animals cut out from magazines and newspapers. Dallas’ first pet was Cloud (profiled below), and now he also calls Scout the dog his friend. Recently, Dallas began overseeing “the Farm Herd,” a group of about a dozen cats and kittens who live on his dad’s farm. Only Dallas can keep all their names straight, probably because he picked them all.

Dallas makes the final calls at PetBoy. He chooses most of the products that appear in our store, and personally researches and picks the non-profits we support.

If you have any product suggestions or know of a great non-profit helping animals, be sure to contact Dallas at dallas@petboyco.com and let him know!

Logan Drake

Chief Operating Officer


Logan is Dallas’ older brother and a student at the University of Iowa studying business and public policy. He has always been obsessed with animals (his favorites are cats, penguins, and giraffes), and as a child had way too many stuffed animals on his bed, to the point where he would sometimes have to sleep on the floor. For years his parents only let him have fish, but in middle school he finally got a cat named Cloud (see below). Now in college he has his very own cat, Finley, who is a lot to handle (again, see below).

Logan manages the PetBoy business day to day, monitoring the website, incoming orders, and making sure all our community members have the best experience possible!

If you have any issues with the website or any concerns with your orders, or just want to chat about how cute Finley is, be sure to contact Logan at logan@petboyco.com!

Elizabeth Sheridan

Social Media Manager

Community Director

Elizabeth is a student at the University of Iowa studying english and mass communications. 

Elizabeth manages our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our newsletters. In this role she serves as the head of our growing community, making sure everyone feels welcome and has a great experience sharing in our shared love of our fluffy (and not so fluffy) friends.

If you have pictures of one or more adorable pets that you’d like to share with the PetBoy community, be sure to share them with Elizabeth by messaging PetBoy on Facebook or Instagram, or by emailing her at elizabeth@petboyco.com!


Flint Drake

Business Advisor

Flint is the father of Logan and Dallas, and a lifelong lover of animals. Flint serves as PetBoy’s business advisor and provides valuable advice from his years of experience, which he is always happy to give to his oldest and youngest sons. As a father, he never fails to turn any moment into a teachable moment.


Elizabeth’s cat Gizmo recently paced away. She was a calm and loving cat who was always there for everyone. 


Logan’s cat Finley has been called “a feisty one” by every vet she’s visited, and refuses to sit still and let Logan read a book. 


Cloud is both Logan and Dallas' first cat. She used to be small, calm, and friendly, and now she is old, huge, and grumpy. 



Elizabeth’s cat Britney is a (happily) overweight tabby who is always looking for the most comfortable place to sit—usually Elizabeth’s lap while she’s trying to do homework. She loves basking in the sun and playing with all sorts of strings.


Chocolate, affectionately called Choco by his friends, is a giant teddy bear Maine Coon. He likes to act tough, but his favorite pastime is catching stuffed animals and meowing until Elizabeth comes to praise him.