General Product Information

How do you choose your products?

At Fur Festival, you will notice that we attempt to bring a wide range of products to our customers. We attempt to mix the store so that it has lots of really functional necessity items, but we also like to keep the store mood light, so you will also find a far share of cute and fun items layered throughout the store too. Honestly, there should be a bit of everything there for any pet lover.

How do you control product quality?

We do our best to offer great quality of products, as with all things nothing is ever certain and occasionally some of our cheaper items are bound to fail us. This is because some of our playful items and naturally very cheap items in nature. But rest easy, because we offer a comprehensive returns policy and are only to happy to address any concerns our customers may have.


Order Questions

Do I need an Account before buying?

No, You do not have to have an account before you order from our store. However we do need to collect some basic information at check out so that we can provide tracking and ensure safe arrival of you order. We do however have very comprehensive privacy policies and guidelines that makes sure that your information is protected and not abused. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

What payment options do you offer?

We take our checkout process very seriously and understand that safe and secure checkout is paramount to both our store and our customers. So we have partnered with PayPal and Stripe to provide our customers with two highly secured services for which to perform their payments at checkout. Your financial security is our greatest concern as such we collect no payment data and all of those processes occur within their World Class Secure Platforms. For those who know, PayPal and Stripe are easily the safest purchasing platforms in the world.

PayPal -  If you have a PayPal account, you can pay directly by logging into your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you are still able to pay with PayPal accepted credit cards.

Stripe -  Credit card platform : Visa, Mastercard, American Express

How do you handle returns and refunds?

We will only accept returns and offer refunds if the product is somehow damaged, or you believe it is not as described. If this is the case, you have 30 days to make this decision and to message our support staff. Items which are returned must be in their unused original condition with the original packaging. We do not accept a returned item that is worn, damaged, washed or altered. We also do not accept returns which have not had prior contact or permission before making the return. Please check our Returns Policy for more in depth information. 

There is a problem with my order, what do I do?

Visit the RIPT Support Help Desk and we will respond as soon as possible. Please be aware that RIPT Apparel is a USA-based English-speaking company. All correspondence will be conducted in the English language.


Shipping Questions

When do I get my items after purchasing?

Each Fur Festival order is typically shipped within 2 business days of the sale. However on some occasions, orders may take more than 1 week due to higher than expected sales, holiday scheduling or back order issues. The generalized estimated ship date for the store is under 14 days to the US, however some items may take longer. Items with extra shipping times will have that information posted within the product description so please make sure to check your item at the time of purchase.

Tracking information will be provided via email for most shipments, but please be aware that some countries we are unable to provide tracking as yet, but feel free to contact us, as we are only to happy to work on the creation of those systems as they arrive. Currently we are able to supply tracking to a large number of countries connected to the UPS and DHL networks. Please be aware that international shipments have been known to take up to a month to be delivered, and if often outside of our hands. Shipments to South America, Brazil in particular, have been known take up to 2 months to arrive after they leave our warehouse. 

Where do you ship from?

Fur Festival products actually are shipped from a wide range of fulfillment warehouses across the world.  The main selection of our products are shipped from our partners in USA, China and Australia currently. As we add more product providers we will amend this section as we are attempting to offer product to any location we can.

Do you ship outside of the USA, internationally?

Yes we do! International shipping takes considerably longer than domestic shipping. Please be aware that international shipments may take up to one month to arrive, depending on where you live. Sorry, we cannot track most international packages in all countries.

Approximate Shipping Times Each Country (Please note these do adjust for each product and supplier)

United States: 12-18 days
Australia - 12-18 days
Canada - 12-18 days
United Kingdom - 14-20 days
Spain - 12-18 days
France - 12-18 days
New Zealand - 14-20 days
Albania - 18-30 days
Israel - 18-30 days
Austria - 18-30 days
Denmark - 18-30 days
Finland - 18-30 days
Belgium - 18-25 days
Bulgaria - 18-30 days
Croatia - 18-30 days
Czech Republic - 18-30 days
Sweden -18-30 days
Switzerland - 18-30 days
Malta - 18-30 days
Lithuania - 18-30 days
Latvia -18-30 days
Slovenia - 18-30 days
Slovakia - 18-30 days
Netherlands - 22-30 days
Italy - 25-36 days
Germany - 25-36 days
Norway - 18-30 days
Ukraine - 18-30 days

Will I have to pay customs on my order if I live outside of the United States?

Occasionally on international orders that contain a larger quantity of items or a high purchase price over $25, your local post office may charge you customs. By law, we are required to state the amount paid for any outgoing international package. These customs charges are rare, but they do happen on orders with multiple item orders and mixed item packages. Please be aware that any resultant customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.


Company Questions

How do you differ from your competition?

Passion! We love our little farm full of animals and we have let that flow into our online store. We are constantly trying new things and new products and our main aim is to provide every item as its most affordable price. For us Fur Festival is as much about enjoying our passion and interacting with our customers and friends as anything else.

Please check out our About Us page to find out more about our story.

Do you have wholesale pricing?

Yes we can offer a wide range of different pricing structures for people looking to buy large quantities of products. Please make contact at for more information and one of our staff will gladly help with pricing and bundling enquires.