Lets be honest, online shopping comes with 100's of options when it comes to any product or any niche. So as a customer, we here at Fur Festival know that we need to stand out from the crowd for you. So, that begs the question - Why Us?? The answer is simple.

Trust and Passion!

Buying from us here at Fur Festival you can be certain that you are supporting true animal lovers and joining a real family. Our Facebook group and Email members are really special to us and we love sharing great content and offers with them. (even sometimes the odd cute cat video - lol) So don't miss out on some really great specials and we never take this store to seriously, so while out pet stores with be all business having a good laugh and having a few products there just to make you smile is always going to be our mission.

Most important however is trust. At Fur Festival we treat your information with the most serious of reverence. We appreciate every single one of our customers and we make sure that we keep your data within the safest systems that we can partner with. To that end we do not keep any personal payment data, all of that is done within the secure Stripe or PayPal systems, and we keep all member information and emails on secure 3rd party servers with the highest possible secuirty systems. Your privacy and security is our most important asset. If you have any concerns in this area, please do not hesistate to contact us on info@furfestivals.com and we will do our best to address them immediately.

For more information on us and what sets us apart, please check out our About Us page.