Multi-Layer Corner Sponge Filter

Brand: Fur Festival

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Create a different look for your tank with this multi layer filter that sits nicely into the wasted corner space of your aquarium!

Black bio-sponge and ceramic rings with gravel provide biochemical filtration, supplying the water with much needed oxygen as well as cleaning it at the same time.

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 Product Description:

  • Reduced Noise
  • Low Wattage
  • Easy To Move, Easy To Clean
  • XY - 2008 pneumatic filter (outlet pipe can be adjusted, tracheal joint regulation.) Size: 8x8x8cm, suitable for 10-40cm Fish Tank.
  • XY-2010 pneumatic filter (outlet pipe can not be adjusted, tracheal joint regulation.) Size: 8x8x15cm, suitable for 40-80cm Fish Tank.