Flashing LED Cat Ear Headphones

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These over-the-ear headphones have standard 1/8" (3.5mm) audio jack. The cable is approximately 5 feet long, suitable for your laptops, gaming consoles, Ipods and portable DVD players!

Slip the cushioned ear-cups over your ears and they conform the unique shape of your head, blocking out background noise and letting you enjoy all the rich, vibrant sound you expect from premium headphones.

Their distinct shape and prominent cat ears are accented by bright LED lights. These fun and unique cat ear headphones will give you the style that you're looking for.

The glowing blue lights can be turned on and off with the button behind the left ear. The lights also have a "blinking" mode for extra fun. 

Enjoy your music privately-or turn on the cat ear speakers to share the sound with your friends!

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