SuperDesign New Steel Dog Bowl With No Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat Feeder Tool pet supplie Stainless steel cat double water bowl

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контейнер для еды
миски для собак
миска для собак
With the silicone mat, our bowls stay put! Your pet will no longer push bowls all over the place! The silicone mat keeps the bowl steady and allows your pet to eat and drink easily - no food and water split all over the floor! 
Extra large base of the silicone stand catches any spills so your floor stays clean. You\'ll love not having a huge mess to clean up every time you feed them! 
Our feeders are made from top quality materials so they\'re not just safe and reliable, they are easier to keep clean too. The feeder\'s silicone and stainless steel construction meets all food safety standards and can be quickly rinsed or wiped clean after each use. The stainless bowls are also top shelf dishwasher safe if you\'re in a hurry.
2* Stainless Bowls 
1* Silicone Mat
1. Item No: 300336 300346
2. Model:  S  M
3. Color Any color
4. Size: (cm) 36*21*3.4 46*27*4.2
5. Volume:(ml) 160+160 350+350
6. N.W.: (g) 244 400
7. Ctn Size: (cm) 43.3*37*20.5 47.5*47.5*27.5
8. Materials:  Melamine  Melamine
9. Certification:  FDA,SGS,CE  FDA,SGS,CE
10. Custom logo:  Yes




Futher description
Full Dinner Set - Set of 2 Dog Bowls. Works as a full dinner set with food and water for one.
Non-Skidding & Flipping - Silicone stand keeps the bowl from skidding on the floor and doesn\'t slide all over the place when your dog is eating.
No-Spill Silicone Mat- The extra large base of the silicone stand catches any spills so your floor stays clean.
Rust Resistant Stainless Steel - Made of high quality stainless steel with an unique silicone bottom, it\'s your BEST choice for your pet\'s feeding time. Both silicone stand and stainless steel bowl are dishwasher safe.
Perfect for Your Dogs and Cats - Dogs, cats and pets of all kinds love these neat, attractive and convenient feeding stations.